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Sometimes it’s what is being left unsaid that is screaming at you the loudest. Sometimes the silence is your answer.

Often, we find that we leave the words unspoken out of hope, despair and trust. We hope that someone will listen, or read between the lines. We hope that we are understood, without the need to voice our opinion, our pain, or our smile. We hope that our silence can be enough.

In the depths of our despair, we keep our questions to ourselves. On the surface we may pretend, or we may even let you in. But at some point there is a quiet void, a whisper of desperation. That moment where we wish beyond anything for the words and reasons to make it right. We might not speak it, we might not make it known. But our lack of conversation builds an echo in itself.

We trust in our own strength and perseverance. We trust in our ability to fix our wrongs. Trust that we will speak up when we need too, when it is our time. We trust that our silence is understood by those, who are in turn, deserving of what we can say. We trust that the louder our silence becomes, the quieter our demons can rage. We trust that we say only what needs to be heard.

So the saying goes; if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Refrain from hurting someone else or even from hurting yourself. Bite back the negativity, and simply walk away. If they are worthy of your time, your patience, your voice; then surely you’ve already been heard.

In the end, the weight of the unspoken actually speaks a thousand words, if only you would care to listen.

- Natalie Shaw

instagram: @natshaw92


I will never have any use for empty words. If you can only give me silence, then so be it, I won’t ask for more. I won’t wait for words you may want to say but can’t. In time, they’ll only be as useless as what you’ve turned them into. In time, they won’t have any meaning. And for right now? I’m not even sure I would want to listen. Keep them and I’ll keep mine.

- Natalie Shaw

instagram @natshaw92

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