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Karen Gee

Simplicity. Elegance. Timeless. The three ultimate fashion oaths a lady should always live by, and consequently, the three main principles of the stunning and custom made collection of Karen Gee.

Described as “sheer elegance,” “flawless,” and “sexy, powerful and timeless,” the Karen Gee name is one that is made with love, spoken with awe, and worn with pride.

This wonderful and extremely talented lady has created not only a brand and some truly beautiful designs, but a loyal and cult following. Her empire, if you will, is built on a foundation of trust, loyalty, friendship and exclusivity. Kaz, as the very personable designer goes by, ensures her clients feel welcome and at ease with her warm and friendly nature. She earns your trust, becomes your friend and together, you find and/or design the dress of your dreams. Whether it be a simple cut from her ‘Platform Collection’ or a unique piece made solely for you, you can guarantee an amazing outcome. Every. Damn. Time. Intrigued? Then read on my fashionable followers…

 As a woman who loves to feel like exactly that, (cue some loud Shania Twain music – Man I feel like a…) Kaz is highly regarded for her gift to dress, and I mean really dress, the woman’s figure. Her designs will hug your curves, melt to your skin and make you feel alive. Her designs breathe when you breathe, move when you move and never fail to accentuate your femininity – reow! Her designs, are the designs of the moment.

With her ability to create this notion of meeting, wearing and finding comfort in your dress and thus your body and shape – Kaz is the perfect choice of designer, with a perfect vision in a world that is so clouded by the perfect image. We all crave to look better, feel better – to be beautiful. While we often learn that perfection is a myth and that beauty is not simply a measure of our outward appearance but of the imperfections that make us unique, it is easy to get lost in insecurities crafted by society, media and film. This is wear (see what I did there? Nice little pun right?) the Karen Gee brand steps in. Kaz creates a simple but elegant piece that has the power to make anyone feel on top of the world. No matter what stresses you have, no matter what flaws you think are noticeable, Kaz will take them, mould them and make you feel beautiful. She will make you feel womanly. She will make you feel confident in your body, your worth, in you. And that feeling is one that no money can buy, no time can erase, and no person can take away. That feeling is timeless.

With this inspiring and successful vision, Kaz launched Campaign Confidence in early 2013, an event that caused quite the stir. With the purpose of taking a group of, already beautiful might I add, women and pampering them like you wouldn’t believe, Kaz managed to ensure these women were taught to not only look, but to feel beautiful. She taught them what it is to love yourself, to take time out and to truly nourish, reward and give back to yourself and the ones that you hold close. She taught them to believe.

This feel-good day was one that sat very close to her heart, and thus after receiving a world of media attention,  positive feedback and a huge push for take two – Kaz decided to make this an annual event for all the inspiring women in our lives. She decided to make it bigger, bolder, better, and she decided to let me help. Campaign Confidence 2014 was a day to remember – if you were lucky enough to be there. If you weren’t then sit back, relax, and tune in for my next post where I talk all things, Campaign Confidence.

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The Prettiest Words

Shakespeare once said, “hell is empty and all the devils are here.” I’ve never been an avid reader of his plays, nor have I remembered too many of his quotes. This one, however, stuck with me. Not from it’s fame, not for it’s power, but for it’s truth.

We are taught to believe in a greater power, to believe in somewhere better, and to believe that everything happens for a reason. We are taught to believe in something, in anything. That’s what gets us through.

I don’t often know what that something is for me, but I do know that I have faith. Unfortunately that isn’t always enough. Why? Because of the shadows. The darkness, the secrets, the greed. Because of the lies.

We all do it. We are all guilty of telling lies. We lie to save face, lie to get out of situations, to turn something around. We lie to make someone feel better about themselves, we cover up the sad and hurtful truths. We lie to protect ourselves, to build our walls, we lie to ironically, keep the evil out. But how we think this helps, is a concept I have never fully grasped.

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter how it’s said or done. It doesn’t matter how we justify it, and it doesn’t matter how convinced we think we are. A lie dressed in pretty words, is a lie all the same. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing in between. If we can’t believe in the here and now, we can never be taught to fathom anything more. We will have no faith, no hope, we will fail to believe. And that, that’s the biggest lie of all.

We don’t shut out our demons, simply by telling ourselves that it’s okay. Our demons are inside of us, and for that very reason, we can’t ever actually run. They don’t go away because we said they did, they have to be beaten.

We don’t succeed in much when we lie to save someone’s pride. It may be a gallant effort, it may be paved with good intentions, but it will only lead them blind. We call them white lies, but what is pure about deceit? The reason behind it might be kind, but the lie itself is what robs us every time. Trust, loyalty, sincerity. These are what we search for, this is what we value. I don’t believe that any of these can hold the hand of a lie.

I often wonder, if deception is a lie in itself. Maybe the truth of the matter is actually this: no one tells the truth anymore. No one values the reality, but yearns for the fantasy. The picture perfect scenario, the ideal outcome. But this is what has led us here, this is why we lose our hope.

People are dying because disorders are covered up. People are left as outcasts because of the colour of their skin. People are forced to forgo their values because gay marriage is frowned upon. People are cold and starving because we continue to invest in lies. We do it to ourselves. We are the reason that hell is empty, we are the reason we do not trust, and we are the reason we need to believe in some place better.

If we knew how to help each other heal, if we even tried to listen and really hear the words. If we knew how to see past the races, colours and cracks. If families knew to accept the choices of their own, if churches knew to do the same. If friends knew to give even half as much, if they knew how to forgive. If we all understood how to love and be loved, if we knew how to trust again. If we knew how to tell the truth. Then the truth is this, we wouldn’t need to know what comes next, because this, right here and now, would be enough.

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